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Luxury Bathroom Design in Dubai

Step into a world of ultimate luxury and comfort with a stylish bath exclusively designed for you. The creative minds behind Mod Studio Interiors have mastered the art of crafting bathroom designs that showcase the highest form of luxury and epitomise modern functionality.

Create your very own private oasis in the desert – choose Mod Studio Interiors, one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai and the UAE today.

Complement your luxurious lifestyle with a fully tailored bathroom design

We believe a well-appointed bath can provide people with a place of quiet refuge, where they can indulge and pamper themselves. With this in mind, our team works closely with clients to bring about their ideal design for their bathrooms, from key features up to the smallest details and accents.

Drawing from years of industry experience, our team of designers will draw up plans and generate rendered images that feature all the aesthetic and functional aspects our client wishes to have.

Whether it is a master bath with an enclosed glass shower, or a spacious en suite outfitted with a walk-in closet, our in-house team of professionals will make sure to deliver results that go beyond expectations.

Bath designs that transcend the ordinary and improve quality of life

Whether you want an ultramodern bath, or one that pays homage to classic or rustic influences, you can trust our expert designers to recreate and tailor this concept for your very own bathroom. We can adapt – or break – traditional designs, and reinvent contemporary elements, in order to build you a personal space where luxury and sophistication is evident at every turn.

Our office interior designers in Dubai combine art and science to tailor a look that speaks highly of your business, while nurturing a conducive and comfortable space.

Check Our Portfolio

Take a look at the projects we have completed for different clients to see how our team can transform an ordinary space into a stylish bath that can rival that of five-star hotels.