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How COVID has changed our living space design

April 7, 2021 / By Admin

It’s been almost a year since we have been living in the COVID impacted society. Our lives have changed, and the impact could be felt in our lives for many years to come. Remote working has become the norm and most of us around the world are yet to return to our offices on a full-time basis. Big firms are contemplating extending the ‘work from home’ flexibility to their employees even after the world will return to the old normal in the near future.

When countries went into lockdown in the Spring of 2020 and people were confined to their homes, the global pandemic began to have its impact on living space design. Whether you lived in a studio apartment by yourself or lived with your family and children, none of us were equipped to work efficiently from our living space. We didn’t have the ergonomically designed office furniture at home or a quiet space to get work done productively throughout the day. Add into this mix, a partner who has to be on call all the time just like you and children who needs to be entertained! All of us adapted to this scenario in a hurry hoping this state of affairs would only last for a few weeks. But weren’t we all wrong! As the days of confinement began to seem never-ending, we had to start looking at better organizing our residential space to live a well-balanced personal and professional life.

Living room: Your new multifunctional living space!

The living room used to be the place where you hung out in the evenings after work watching some television or Netflix. It was the sacred sanctuary where you had good times with your friends over the weekend over pizza, drinks, or video games.

COVID and ‘work from home’ situation has now converted our living room into a multi-functional living space. The living room has become a mini studio of its own with an office study, a launch area, and a break-out / entertainment center. Parents and tweens can share the living room space as they go about their day catching up on e-mails and schoolwork. A corner of your living room is also your home gym now and holds a space for your workout mat.

Picture courtesy : Jean van der Meulen
Picture courtesy : Ketut Subi Yanto

There has also been a rising trend in using warmer hues to brighten up the living rooms in recent times. Adding a pop of color through furniture or wall paint will have its effect on elevating our state of mind as we spend most of our time staying indoors.

Master Bedroom: Office study for the partner with a hectic schedule

Let’s face it. Two adults with a hectic schedule managing work calls all day from a shared space has been not too easy during the confinement. Some meetings needed our utmost attention and we needed quiet time away from our partner and little ones.

So we found sanctuary in our Master bedroom. With some efforts, we spruced up our bedroom design to create a mini office study in the corner. And life went on as normal, at least as normal as it possibly could.

Picture courtesy : Pixabay
Picture courtesy : Perfecto Capucine
Terrace and Outdoor space: Your mini get-away location

The days are long gone when your terrace was just a place where you hung out laundry to dry or had a morning coffee, from time to time. As the days of confinement grew harder on us, we started looking at creating little get-away locations within our homes. A new coffee table for your sunny little terrace appeared and a barbecue pit appeared in your backyard. Installing a Jacuzzi suddenly didn’t seem like a bad idea either; after all, we all needed to relax, take a break from our long days of work and stress.

As our summer travel plans got canceled and we had to entertain little kids at home during their school break, those of us with spacious backyards looked at options to put in a pool. Our flights might have been canceled, but ain’t nothing stopping us from soaking up some sunshine and building a gorgeous tan!

Efficiently managing our living space design to enrich our lives has become the need of the hour and our interior design experts at MOD Studio can help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us for a design consultancy today.


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