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How to embrace Minimalistic Interior design for your home

April 12, 2021 / By Admin

Moving into a new apartment or considering an interior design makeover? It might be worth looking at Minimalistic Interior design ideas considering the current global trend in the light of a pandemic.

Minimalistic Interior design follows the Less is more principle. Also investing in quality pieces offers you a higher resale value, something that would interest Dubai ex-pats and real estate investors. Here are five key points on how this trend can be achieved to add life to your interiors.

1.Think Neutral color palettes

All-white interiors, tones of grey, organic, and neutral color palettes are key to get this trend right. If you feel the core palette is too monotonous, you can always add accent colours in the form of furniture, cushions, or other interior décor items. Keep the accents to pastel color palettes. Below is the living room we designed for a client in Dublin (Kevin Lucey Project in our portfolio)

2.It’s all about the geometry

Think straight lines, curves, and flat surfaces if you want to incorporate this trend in your interiors. Intricately carved wooden surfaces, traditional multi-coloured woven accent rugs, etc look great as individual pieces, but they don’t create a perfect harmony if the minimalistic look is what you are aiming for.

In the below image from our Emirates Hills project, note the usage of geometry in the home décor items.

3. Break the monotony with texture

Textured floor panels (think Scandinavian wooden floors), wall paint, and geometric patterns can easily add surface interest and a touch of vibrance to your living space. The Key is to not overdo it and to maintain the same color scheme.

The office study from our Emirates Hills project is a perfect example of how to add texture to your home via walls and flooring.

4.Choose quality over quantity

Create elegant interiors with marble (brings in visual texture too), porcelain, and décor items that exudes a sense of premium quality. Remember, less is more, and invest more wisely in quality products that will last.

Our team successfully brought in unique décor items to complement the client’s minimalistic vision to life! More images for this project can be found in our portfolio under Al Barari project.

5.Keep the lighting natural

Natural light complements all-white or light-colored interiors adding a zen-like feel to your home. It also adds a certain warmth to your space and also makes it seem spacious. In Dubai, we are blessed with sunshine all year around. So add extra windows or a skylight and let that natural light in!

How brilliantly lit this living room is from an apartment we designed for a client at Marina Crown?

Designing minimalistic luxurious interiors is a specialty of our team here at MOD Studio. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you transform your living space.


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